Tuesday, October 6, 2009

World Teachers Day

My Beloved Teachers:

I see that you are very tired, sometimes bored and worried. But I will tell you to keep on doing good things for your pupils and students. Don't put down your lesson plans and keep your lessons on the right trail. Don't worry about your pupils and students after all it is not your own battle, it is ours. You are not working alone to make them fully educated and morally straight, but rather you and me working it out to shape it. Just do your best and I will take the rest. Happy World Teachers Day.

Your Real School Principal,



  1. happy world teachers day!!!
    do teachers still make lesson plans everyday or once week?
    i hate making lesson plans.since i taught highschool students we made lesson plans once a week.

  2. Oh Faye, teachers in Public Elementary Schools in the Philippines prepare the lesson plan every day per subject. What a noble profession indeed huh!

    Anyway, Happy World Teachers Day to all the Teachers in your school Arlan.