Sunday, October 4, 2009

We are the Champion.

Divided we fall, united we stand is a very popular sayings to every leader of the group and of the country as a whole. Every nation, organization, family and team always demand for teamwork and cooperation. A failure of one is a failure of all, and a success of one is a success of all. Teamwork made the Cugman Elementary School athletic team a champion during the district meet last Sept.18, 2009.Coaches and athletes work together harmoniously, shared ideas and techniques on how to improve ones performance on a certain event. Friends and relatives shared their own ways and means to bring the athletes to the fullest. The principal showed his own manner of supporting the athletes by giving them the necessary sporting goods like shoes, for them to work hard for the school. GPTCA officials promised to give rewards for the winners so that they will be motivated to give their best during the game. Teachers prepared and served the food to the athletes while some are paramedics ready to give first aid. The success of the CES team is through the efforts and perseverance of all the people that showed concern and love to the athletes.

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